Illuminate Design Ltd | Schools & Colleges Sound & Lighting Installations


Illuminate Design offers a high quality, specialised installation service into schools

Today’s pupils could be tomorrow’s technicians. We believe in providing a standard of installation and equipment that your pupils would find if they moved into the industry – or at the very least, a quality of experience that they would expect outside their school environment.

However, without the necessary technical knowledge or expertise, it can be tricky for a school to achieve a system that ticks all the boxes.

Illuminate Design has broad experience of school installations, from basic systems in small drama studios or school halls to large, fully functioning theatre complexes within a new school or college build.

We take pride in our team’s expertise from your first enquiry to the final hand over training.

We can provide the following

  • Audio systems
  • Stage lighting
  • Video and projection
  • Stage curtains and drapes
  • Permanent & temporary staging
  • Overhead rigging facilities
  • Lighting grids
  • Power distribution infrastructures

We ensure that your systems comply with the latest regulations and legal criteria.
All our staff are DBS (CRB) checked