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Category: Installation


May 01, 2015


Illuminate Design were asked to specify and install a new brand new integrated paging system into the Bloomsbury Theatre, London.

Replacing the present old and out-dated system that had been in the building for years, our team led by Director Robin Shephard-Blandy designed and installed a new system that was conceived to carry out a number of different tasks.

The first part of the system was to provide the back stage areas with a new show relay and paging system to enable the performers using the facilities to here calls and the progress of the show on the different performance areas.

The second part to the installation was a provision of new front of house paging and background music systems to allow audience members to be informed of “calls” as well as music whilst they sip their interval drinks.

Our staff fitted a new cable network, along with multiple speakers throughout multi levels in the buildings dressing rooms, corridors, offices, bars and foyer spaces