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Hawth Theatre, Crawley

Category: Installation, Maintenance


July - August 2015


As part of a busy summer, Illuminate Design have recently completed a number of technical upgrades at the Hawth Theatre, Crawley.

Working with the Hawth’s Technical Manager (Quentin Whitaker), Illuminate Design’s Technical Sales Manager Ken Berreen and Operations Director Andrew Wales designed & installed new Sound, Lighting and Rigging solutions for the venue.

Both the studio and the main theatre benefited from new sound equipment. In the Studio Illuminate Design supplied, Yamaha QL1 Mixing Console with a Digital Yamaha RIO3224D I/O rack, RCF C5212-94 2way Speaker System, RCF S 8015 II Subwoofer 15″ 1000W – Reflex RCF IPS 2700 Class H Power Amplifiers and RCF IPS 3700 Class H Power Amplifiers.

The main theatre system was designed in conjunction with Al Brown from Martin Audio. The new system included Martin Audio W8VDQ speakers, MA 3.0 Amplifiers, MA 2.0 Amplifiers, plus WS218X Dual 18” subs driven from a MA 5.2k amplifier. To supplement the main L&R system, circle coverage is provided by Martin Audio W8LMI speakers powered by MA 3.0 Amplifiers. The front fills provided are Martin Audio DD6 speakers with MA 3.0 Amplification. System processing is by a DX2 4:8 Digital loudspeaker management system.

The complete audio system was installed and commissioned by Operations Director, Andrew Wales.

186 channels of dimming have been installed – 7 x 24 channel Zero 88 Chilli Bypass dimmer racks plus 1 x 6 channel 25A rack along with 1 x 12 channel HF Dimmer. These were to replace the venues old Strand units supplied by Ken Berreen over 15 years ago! The studio also now has 24 channels of Zero 88 Chilli Bypass dimming

In addition to the Audio & Lighting upgrades, new proscenium lighting ladders were installed to provide new positions for both sound and touring lighting systems.

Commenting on the upgrades Ken Berreen said: “It’s been fantastic to provide such a comprehensive range of technical solutions to a regionally important venue. We have worked hand in hand with the staff of the venue to provide them with the systems that they required to move forward with new levels of production standards. We would especially like to thank Al Brown and Martin Audio for all their support with the sound demonstrations which helped pin point such a quality installation”

Venue Technical Manager Quentin Whitaker said: “It’s proper ace! The Illuminate Design team of Ken and Andrew have been fantastic over the whole project. From every demo, question and change we have made they have been so helpful, and accommodating to what we have tried to achieve”