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Lakeside Theatre, Colchester

Category: Installation


July - August 2015


Illuminate Design was the chosen supplier to renew the dimmer system at the Lakeside Theatre on the University of Essex Campus.

To replace the 35 year old dimmer system, Illuminate Design’s Technical Sales Manager, Ken Berreen specified 3 Zero 88 Chilli Bypass Racks. These were chosen for the flexibility they provide enabling the venue to choose between dimming and hot power throughout the rig. The Bypass racks have been proven to be the optimum choice for a venue that caters for a wide range of different incoming productions.

The project also included new circuits being added in the venue along with new control lines plus the addition of a DMX distribution system.

All the work was carried out through the venue’s dark period during the university’s summer holiday.

Commenting on the work carried out, Harry Harris, Technical Manager said: “The recent installation of our new dimmers and DMX infrastructure by Illuminate Design couldn’t have gone better and working with the company was an absolute pleasure. They managed the project perfectly from start to finish and the work was undertaken to an extremely impressive standard, I’m a happy Harry!”

Ken Berreen for Illuminate Design also adds, “It was a pleasure to work with Harry and carry out the work at the Lakeside Theatre. With the venue almost visible from the Illuminate Design office, there wasn’t a company that could claim to be much closer! We’re really delighted that Harry’s pleased with the work carried out, and it was a pleasure to install more of the very successful Chilli Bypass Racks”

Illuminate Design are now looking ahead at the winter months where they’re planning several installations plus a number of niche projects creating custom solutions for their clients.