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West London Synagogue Sound Upgrades

Category: Design, Installation, Maintenance, Video


October 2015- December 2015


Illuminate Design were tasked with major upgrades to the sound and audio visual system of the West London Synagogue in October 2015. Replacing a system that had been put in place over 30 years ago called for new equipment and cabling throughout the whole building. We were asked to work on 3 different spaces in the building.

Firstly in the main Synagogue itself we installed 2 of the Martin Audio 8 Way Omniline speaker systems, in addition to these 11 of CDD5 speakers, and 12 of the CDD6 Speakers were installed as fill in speakers to further parts of the main room. These were all driven from 3 Martin Audio MA2.8Q and 1 Martin Audio MA2.0 amplifiers. Control of the Sennheiser 8 ways of G3 Radio mic systems and 5 choir mics was carried out by the Allen & Heath PL10 iDR Mixer Interface running through a iDR8 Digital Processor.

In the Stern hall we installed 2 further of the Martin Audio 8 Way Omniline speaker systems, 2 Martin Audio CSX112 Subs running from MA2.0 and MA3.0 Amplifiers all through a MA DX1.5 speaker Controller. Playback for this system came from a media and CD player.

Finally in the Library we carried out a audio visual system upgrade which consisted of a Motorised Screen for front projection with a HD projector and a new  Cinema 7.1 Speaker system along with other small works.

In addition of the installation work we have provided training and assistance with some of the first high profile uses of the system in the weeks following hand over.